DISC Certification Level 1 (“Basic Training”)


The purpose of DISC certification in the Behavioral Studies Level 1 training course is to enable participants to DISCOVER, EXPERIENCE and APPLY the four temperament DISC Model of Human Behavior in order to enhance and positively impact their success both personally and professionally.

In this interactive training program, you will:

  • Learn how to get better results in your personal and professional life
  • Enjoy a fun and interactive environment of learning
  • Develop communication skills that will enhance any relationship
  • Discover practical tools that are proven, effective and easily applied
  • Enhance your team dynamics and client relationships
  • Learn how to administer and use a Discovery Report online personality test
  • Receive instruction directly from Dr Robert Rohm and his seasoned staff
  • Learn about topics such as communication skills, strengths and relationship development
  • Become an Accredited DISC Trainer in association with Personality Insights Institute


Modules included in Level 1 DISC Certification Training:

  1. Introduction and Overview of the Model of Human Behavior– learn the DISC Model of Human Behavior and how it works universally
  2. Adult Profile Assessment – Understand how to assess 41 different personality styles and administer personality assessments.
  3. Funbook & Interactive Case Studies – Learn to train others on DISC in a fun, lively manner. Learn the same presentation that Dr. Rohm has presented before audiences of 10’s of thousands.
  4. Introduction to DISC Personality Graph Reading – learn how to read personality graphs – just like reading an X-ray
    Individual Personality Dynamics – Learn to use a training resource to recognize basic, priority and communication styles. Great for coaching.
  5. Interaction Dynamics – Learn how to train others to respect and value different team members. Great for teams and groups.
  6. Flow Chart and Kaleidoscope – You will learn how to conduct fun exercises with your audience to see personality styles in living color
  7. Presenting with Style – Learn how to use this training resource which helps others present correctly to meet the needs in any audience
  8. Making Sense of Your People Puzzles – You will learn how to present DISC in a quick, fun format. This one tool alone can help you attract new people to your business with a 20-30 minute presentation. Great for a lunch and learn setting.
  9. DISC History and Approach to Consulting – You will learn the background of the DISC model and our unique way of presenting these powerful concepts.
  10. Online DISC Profiles – You will learn to use a powerful set of assessment tools that can be custom branded for your company. These tools can open doors for one-on-one coaching as well as open doors for consulting in fortune 500 companies.
  11. DISC Advantage – You will learn how to use this booklet resource to help team members assimilate to their best place of service on a team.


You can offer these coaching services to your clients or team members in conjunction with the online profiles:

  • A complete personality assessment
  • Identification of your main strengths
  • Review of keys to excellence (overcoming challenges)
  • Review of your value in a team environment
  • Tips on how others can best work with you
  • Understanding your motivation and behavior
  • Understanding your communication style
  • Understanding your decision-making style
  • Insights for professional growth
  • Insights for long-term development (areas to watch out for)
  • Tips for effective communication and presentations
  • How to lead others
  • What to emphasize with others
  • How to relate better with others
  • Recognizing in-control vs. out-of-control behavior
  • Review of your personality graphs
  • These services are possible using our 50-page Extended DISC Profile


Specialized coaching services you can offer:

  • Using DISC concepts as a Leader
  • Job matching analysis for hiring and role alignment
  • Team analysis for improved team dynamics
  • Custom interaction guides for two people to work more effectively together
  • Adapting your leadership style for maximum results
  • Reading others – using observation to find clues to connect better
  • Stress potential analysis – how your environment aligns with your personality


Major Benefits of Level 1 DISC Certification Training:

  • Become officially certified as a Human Behavior Consultant in Association with Personality Insights, Inc.
  • Gain wholesale access (40% off) to our extensive training resources (DISC assessments and profiles, booklets, multimedia presentations etc.)
  • Learn how to administer personality assessments and coaching services
  • Learn to facilitate a number of different training sessions and workshops in your company or with your clients
  • Learn how to train others on the DISC Model of Human Behavior for personal growth and development
  • Gain access to our library of consultant-only training resources including webinars and marketing materials
  • Become eligible to progress to Level 2 Advanced training or eventually Master Trainer Certification
  • Get $500 in training resources including a comprehensive training manual
  • Learn skills that are applicable to virtually every field and industry



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