On my way back to Abuja earlier today, I was scrolling through my digital memo and I saw this note. This note was scribbled on 26th August around 6pm as you’d see on the image

On my way back to Abuja earlier today, I was scrolling through my digital memo and I saw this note. This note was scribbled on 26th August around 6pm as you’d see on the image. I recall that it was on my flight to Lagos for NERC Retreat that I started to strongly consider attending the Strategy and Execution Masterclass with Ausso Leadership Academy (ALA). After waiting so many years, it was time to attend but there were so many bills to cater to and I was beginning to have cold feet about this course. So, on that flight to Lagos on August 23rd, I asked myself hard questions; most especially “what will you coach a client to do if they were in the same shoes as you now?” My answer “DO IT ‼️”

Then upon my return to Abuja on August 24th, I had a square talk with Mrs O’ and also my Team Lead… Mrs O’ and I had just paid a whole year’s school fees for our children and on the team side, we had just paid August salaries. Funds were heavily depleted. I needed to negotiate with the 2 most critical factors in my life.

Mrs O’ said YES, “make we run am”.

Stella (COO) said “Boss, we support you.”

Then I told myself “LET’S RAISE THE FUNDS.”

I drew a cost plan… as you can see in the image. I needed approximately N1.7M or more to fully embark on the course… I sat in my bedroom on the Sunday 27th August, put my notepad on the bed, drew up a LIST of 35 people that I would SELL A SERVICE TO, and I got to work PERSONALIZING MY SALES PITCH to each of them. Out of these 35 names, 11 said YES instantly to what I sold. And within 18 hours (by 8am of the following day), I had received 1.1M in payments.

On the Monday, 28th August, I went with my 2 Daughters into GTBank to pay the equivalent of £1,188 in USD to ALA. (You’d recall my post about my 2nd daughter querying why I’m using her 1 year school fees to attend a 5-day course). At this point, I had committed. There was no going back anymore.

Today, I am back home. FULFILLED having been FED.

This message is for THE BELIEVER (anyone who believes in the work we do):

  1. Take OWNERSHIP of your journey. No one can know it so well more than you do.
  2. Know your MAIN STAKEHOLDERS and get their BUY-IN. Don’t act like a one-person riot gang. Know the pillars who need to give you a HUGE MORALE BOOST. Caveat: some Spouses may not be supportive of your dreams (especially Women, in a lot of cases, whose husbands don’t believe they should fly). Please BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT THIS ADVICE AND NEGOTIATE YOUR WAY OUT. I am not encouraging rebellion and chaos in your home. Let’s be guided bikonu.
  3. Go all out to win. No half measures. No second guesses. No impostor syndrome winning. No laziness looming. No distractions setting. No pity-partying. None of these. CREATE A STRUCTURE THAT HELPS YOU WIN. Have you ever asked yourself why I, Sam Obafemi, put a lot of personal growth details online? The answer is simple: WHENEVER I PUT MY PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT DETAILS OR DREAMS ONLINE, IT IS TO COMMIT TO MYSELF AND HOLD MYSELF ACCOUNTABLE TO FINISH WHAT I HAVE STARTED. I also ‘recruit’ people to do what I am doing. That’s how I got The King of the North, Othman Abdulrasheed⁩, to follow me to this course. I sold it to others too but they couldn’t make it. These are my own ‘structure’ of getting things done. Find yours. Use yours. Do yours. All you must do is WIN.

If this message has inspired you, please share WHAT YOU WILL DO IN RESPONSE FOR YOURSELF WITHIN THE NEXT 30 DAYS.

m a k t u b !!!


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